Links and Resources

  • THE ENNEAGRAM PERSONALITY TEST – This site will allow the client, for a fee of $10.00, to take the Rhetti Test online. The process will indicate the client’s personality type.
  • – The Official Web Site of Author Floyd Henderson, author of the novels The Twice-Stolen Necklace Murders, The Board of Directors of Wars, and varied books on Addiction and Recovery and Advaita Vedanta . Floyd Henderson is published by Publish America.
  • Holistic Health Library – Holistic Health Library is an online community passionate about health and wellness. We are dedicated to helping you live your best life.
  • Holistic Health Coach, Wendy Tran Asheville NC – Holistic Health Counselor in Asheville, NC.
  • Advaita Vedanta/Non-Duality Philosophy – A spiritual site offering daily meditations and contemplative exercises that produce emotional sobriety and lead to attainment of peace, clarity, and happiness by coming to know The Great Reality